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Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
for people attending the inaugural. curtis from atlanta, a democrat. caller: good morning. thank you for the coverage on c- span. it was not too long ago that i woke up, and i'm enjoying what i have heard and seen on television. i just wanted to say -- is a great day for america, and we as people in america, regardless of who we are, need to back up our president, and let's support him, because we are human being s and we lived in this country. let's come together as one, because we all need each other whether we know it or not. thank you, and had a great day. host: it was in 1853, franklin pierce's the inaugural. he recited his address from memory, 3329 words. of course, the longest inaugural address in history was william henry harrison in 1841. 8445 words. it was cold and rainy day. mr. harrison died a month after -- after delivering that inaugural address outside. george washington's second inaugural address was 135 words, the shortest in history. adam is in minneapolis. you are on c-span watcher in the inaugural coverage. caller: thank you for having me. i am in the green party
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am PST
. we've seen this contingent of people come in from all over the place. i talked to people from atlanta, georgia. a guy was here from colombia. another guy was here from ireland. i've got mr. trevor over here in seventh grade. he's here. what do you want to say? >> hi. hi, granny. >> reporter: he wants to say hi, granny. but they areall, of course, here to see president obama, and we have lindsey here too. she was here four years ago, and she said, even though the crowds obviously are not as big as they were last year, she's just grateful that she's going to get a better seat this time around. she may not have the blue tickets, but they're definitely going to get a little closer this year than they did four years ago. all of these folks, i've been seeing the hats, the flags, everything's crazy, and they're going to start dancing here too. wolf, take it away. >> christi, thank you very much. love the crowds over here. >>> as america's first african american president begins his term, today's public celebration falls on a very, very fitting holiday, honoring martin luther king jr. shannon
Jan 21, 2013 6:30am PST
left office, his approval rating was down. but he re-established himself in atlanta. and habitat of humanity. >> and he also forged the important coalition with president ford, the man he defeated. and the two of them became, not only very close friends, but they really did a lot of work together, for world peace and in this country. and it set an example for future presidents. president bush and former president clinton, working together on the haiti and other important -- katrina. >> william jefferson clinton and secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. >> it set the example to follow from there on out. >> and secretary clinton. and former president clinton, his global foundation, around the world. and expect that the secretary of state, when she leaves the office soon, will be right there, reinventing what she plans to do. >> and so many democrats waiting to find out what she does plan to do, not only immediately after she leaves the secretary's office. but perhaps in four years. you saw them hugging leon panetta. and also, jack ruby, the incoming treasure secretary. both pa
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
coordinating committee in atlanta and at the time he issued a statement saying that he understood the goals of the north vietnamese, trying to reclaim their place in his country and it cost julian bond his place in the state legislature. this is the monument to dr. king. it's very much worth seeing if you come to washington. in fact, television can't capture the power of it when you go there and you can see jefferson from where he is. and then they have a number of his inscriptions. andy young who is a close aide said martin would be astonished at how much we have changed in this country. we have an african-american president, an african-american culture that is very powerful in terms of the economy. still a rising tide. still have issues to deal with when it comes to race, indisputably. but this day is one more example of how this country moves forward in all of its parts. we can never forget on this occasion, we are an immigrant nation. everyone you saw on that stage, their families came from somewhere else seeking what we all think of as the american dream. >> if you're just joining us,
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
from behind victory yesterday over the atlanta falcons. >>> caltrains annual freedom train honoring dr. martin luther king junior leaves san jose two hours from now. the trip commemorates the march from selma to montgomery in 1965. tickets are $10 per person. >>> and a local surfer is this year's winner at mavericks, peter mel beat out two dozen of the world's best. about 30,000 people on hand to watch. >> you completing yesterday. >> no, but i was watching. it's a lot safer from the shore. >>> great weather not only this weekend, but today it's looking good. you begin to see the clouds encroaching closer to the coastline and will push on shore in the middle of the week. clear over the bay. temperatures on the cold side, 20s and 30s inland. by the afternoon we'll be enjoying hazy sunshine all the way to the coastline in the 60s. rain to the mildest week. >>> and a -- middle of the week. >>> and northbound 880 approaching mallory, we have an accident there just cleared to the right shoulder. and still a little slow there. the san mateo bridge where everything is moving fine in both dire
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5